Emerge Already! Unleashed

Emerge Already!Emerge Already! Unleashed — Emergence for Everyone!

“Among the new generation of classical music artists, few are making the huge impact and receiving the kind of acclaim that pianist Jade Simmons has been of late.” -Sergio Mims, Ebony/Jet Magazine

Emerge Already! Tips to Lessen the Plight of the Aspiring Artist is the ultimate guide to career-building for aspiring concert artists, general artsy types and entrepreneurs, as well as those artists already in the throes of building a career.

Our mantra: Don’t wait around to be discovered. Discover yourself instead.

Emerge Already! is inspirational, providing insights to help you lead a successful, healthy and diversified lifestyle grounded in the arts. Here you’ll also get specific information on what’s expected of artists by arts presenters and specific guidance on how to put together and market your artistic package. From basics like putting together promo kits, to invaluable extras like building outreach programs, creating unforgettable concert experiences to getting the attention of managers and the mainstream media.

The Emerge Already! Difference? This advice is brought to you by pianist Jade Simmons, one of the nation’s most innovative and versatile modern-day concert artists. She brings you real-time guidance direct from the trenches, the stuff you’ll never learn in school. Jade is performing NOW and constantly reshaping her own artistic landscape all while she let’s you in on the insider tips that truly shape a career.

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