New Muse Network Comes to Twitter

What the heck is Jade talking about on Twitter?! Well, now you’ll know!

Jade’s New Muse Network concept expands to her Twitter feed with a new channel format that provides a main theme for each day of the week. If you’re following Jade for the music updates, but could care less about her fitness obsession then tune in most frequently on Tuesdays. Or maybe you’re an emerging artist just looking for advice, then Fridays are especially for you. Live a Revolutionary Life-aholics have no fear, any given day you’ll get your #LARL fix!

Jade Simmons New Muse Network on Twitter

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Mondays: Jade usually starts off the week rearing to go when it comes to everything, but especially fitness. If you reward yourself with intense triple workouts and consider Tony Horton your pal, you’ll get a kick out of Jade’s #fitjunkie tweets.

Tuesdays: From Rachmaninoff ramblings, Chopin chats, post-concert muses to Tour updates, Tuesday’s Jade shoots the breeze about the music she loves. Look for the hashtag #NewMuseic

Wednesdays: Self-managed artists and entrepreneurs unite! Jade tweets fearlessly about what it takes to #BeTheBoss!

Thursdays: A proud wife and mom, you get to #StalkSuperwoman as Jade tweets honestly about the blunders and joys that come with searching for that elusive balance between artistry, motherhood, career-building, domestic life, and cherishing alone time…wait, what’s alone time?

Fridays: Priceless, uncommon career-advice for today’s modern emerging artist. Fridays are about #EmergeAlready Tweets and the Friday Fix, a juicy blog entry about relevant career topics.

Saturdays: Randomness abounds in a #Free4All, join in the frenzy!

Sundays: Never bashful about her faith, Jade takes any opportunity to share #InspiredMuses. Tweets straight from church or simple motivational moments are found in a more spiritual stream on Sundays.