Stalking Superwoman

There’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Jade Simmons is SuperwomanWhat: The behind the scenes dish on my crazy, but very serious, attempts to conquer the world. Who knows? Either the doors will open wide or they’ll slam shut in my face.

Why: To Debunk the myth of the over night success story. No one’s been sprinkling any fairy dust ’round here.

No, really. Why? You asked for it. That’s why. People tell me they wanna know what it’s like to be (X), they’re curious about how the heck I got (Y) and they’re curious whether or not (Z) will come to pass.

How: Follow the Stalking Superwoman Insider’s blog, a humorously real account of what getting’ it done looks like. Watch the behind the scenes videos of my overly ambitious capers. Stay tuned for important Livestream Game-changer announcements. Connect with Jade on twitter @jadesimmons #stalksuperwoman to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

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