The Story Behind the Stories of Playing with Fire

Have you read the program notes to each track on Playing with Fire? If you have, you’ll know that I decided to eschew the traditional liner notes structure and instead tell stories. The stories were dictated to me by the music itself. So instead of the “why” behind the music, I’m trying to give you the “what if”. Each track to me sounds more like theme songs for make-believe characters so I tried to write a story for them. You’ll read about a fated naive songstress, 4 ambitious alter egos, a mini murder mystery and more. Download the Liner Notes and take a read to see if my characters line up with the ones that pop in your head when you hear the music. In these blogs I’ll give you a bit more of the “why” behind the music itself.

Boss's Nova

Track 1: Boss’s Nova

When I started the journey that was to become Playing with Fire, I honestly didn’t know what it was going to contain. I literally was playing the content by ear. The first piece of music that set me on my way was the catchy, hypnotic beat Rob sent me that makes up Boss’s Nova. It’s the reason this EP didn’t become some virtuoso show off piece, but instead I decided that groove would be the underlying factor, the foundation of the recording. Boss’s Nova is nothing if not a piece to groove to. The woman you hear is a popular Brazilian songstress and she’s singing the opening part of a famous tune called “Maria Moita.”

There are two covers for the track, the first one for the free download featured Rob and I on the porch of author Ann Rice’s former home in New Orleans, each standing by our own Colonial era column. It represented our whole opposites attract vibe, we technically stand in two very different musical worlds as individual artists but together we’ve created a very unique sound. The Boss’s Nova art for the actual EP represents more the mystery of the woman in the track. We don’t know who she is, we don’t know what she’s saying and in the photo we can’t even see her full face.

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