The Story of Fire – Virtuoso

Fire (Virtuoso)The rap came first. And then to make my life easier, all I was supposed to do was remove the vocals and use the accompaniment track as the Piano version. The problem is it sounded like an accompaniment so I went back to the drawing board…after we had wrapped recording. We were up against more than a few deadlines but there was no way I could let one of the versions of the title track sound half-finished, like I’d given up on it because I was cornered by time. So on the morning of my last chance to record I sat at my home piano, cup of tea on the ledge, completely idea-less. So I actually prayed, “God give me a tune.” I guess he heard me because the tune that came to mind was Our God is an Awesome God, a timeless Contemporary Christian song that’s been circulating the globe for years. I used the framework of the opening few notes of the hymn, switched up the rhythm and then went in a whole new direction from there.

For the cover art I wanted to use a picture that was the exact opposite of the strong, “Don’t mess with me” vibe of the Playing with Fire cover. I noticed that in lots of my pictures I’m never looking straight on at the cameras and in this cover I’m showing a more vulnerable side. Nevertheless, there’s still a strength mixed with the softness in my eyes. The Fire represented in this piece is a quieter passion, one that doesn’t brood but hopes and dreams. In this picture, the lady is a wide-eyed dreamer. Softness aside, the story I wrote to go with it is about a murder. Have you downloaded the liner notes yet?

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Playing With Fire - EP - Jade Simmons & Roburt Reynolds

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