Who the heck is Sean Michael

Sean MichaelThe truth is that when Rob and I get together we don’t actually know what’s going to happen. We just sit down and see what happens. He starts pressing some buttons, I start dinking around on the keys, usually in the bass of the keyboard because a great bass line is everything, isn’t it? Sometimes, I’ll hear something and not immediately like it and then he puts something else to it and I end up standing corrected. And on this day that Sean Michael was created we started the same way, with Rob trying on things for size. But then he came across that scratching sound that starts the track and my mind was blown. He almost dismissed the scratch but I pressed him to keep it and boy am I glad I did. I was digging the beat so much I couldn’t help but dance and I hope that’s what you do when you hear it. What ensured was a beat that sounded like Dancehall so I took my melodic cues from that. I happen to LOVE Dancehall and am a fan of Sean Paul’s. Almost instantly I could hear his singsongy rapping style and wonderfully simple melodies in my head. Another thing I LOVE are horror movies, especially the music. In fact, I hope to write music for some spooky movies in the future. Probably one of the first tunes I ever picked out on the piano was Michael Myer’s theme from Halloween and you’ll hear flashes of the deliciously menacing melody in the track. Anyway, hence the name…Sean Michael.

As for the cover art, I wanted an image that wasn’t obviously glam or obviously menacing. The girl in the picture looks like she could hold her own in a street fight but then again she’s wearing a frilly white top. The hand on her chin makes you wonder exactly what she’s plotting. The pattern on top of the picture is an enlarged pair of fishnet stockings! The graffiti and the brick wall keeps up the more “street” atmosphere I was going for on Playing with Fire.

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Playing With Fire - EP - Jade Simmons & Roburt Reynolds

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