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5 Content Promotion Ideas for Increasing Brand Awareness

One of the biggest challenges for businesses, big or small, is to find better ways to increase their conversion rates. Though turning website visitors into actual paying customers is not an easy undertaking, it can be achieved through content promotion.
You see, a high-quality blog post or article is nothing if it doesn’t reach your intended audience. Because without anyone to read and appreciate your well-written content, all of the resources you invested in writing a single piece will surely be put to waste.
When you promote your content on the Internet, you are able to effectively spread your works across various platforms for people to see. And when this happens, your conversion rates increase, too, as content promotion helps direct more traffic back to your website, especially the ones that are targeted on a specific audience.
Let’s have a look at some of the best content promotion tactics that you can use to increase your brand’s reach as well as your organisation’s conversion rates.

Share it on Facebook

Facebook has been the most popular social media platform for years, boasting over billions of daily active users as of 2019. So, what better way to get your content in front of many other people than to share it on your organisation’s Facebook page?
But in order for this to work, the content should be engaging and relevant enough so that your fans and newcomers would feel compelled to share your piece on their own. It would also help if you use Facebook ads to further strengthen your promotion efforts.

Tweet it

Twitter is not that far behind from Facebook in terms of popularity. This gives you an opportunity to share your content and increase your brand’s reach on another popular social media platform that also has countless active users each day.
When tweeting to promote your content, don’t forget to add a special character and a relevant hashtag to increase the click-through rate. It also helps to pick an interesting snippet from your content and tweet it, as users are more likely to engage with content that piques their interest.

Publish it on LinkedIn

Anyone who’s unfamiliar with how LinkedIn works would probably be surprised to know that this popular social networking platform, which is frequented by professionals and businesses, is also a great place to create and share content. In fact, LinkedIn boasts its very own publishing platform which users can utilise to share their views and understandings about various matters, including relevant industry topics.
When publishing content on LinkedIn, you can either just re-write an earlier blog post you’ve written, or create an original piece from scratch. But regardless of how you choose to go about your content, it will reach your network all the same. Also, make sure to insert an image in order to get the attention of users, and mention anyone whom you featured in your content.

Use targeted paid ads

In today’s digital landscape, relying on promoting your content through organic means is not enough to put you ahead of the competition, especially since organic content promotion has been declining for the past couple of years. You also need to spend a chunk of your budget on targeted ads that can bring your content straight to your target audience, bring more traffic to your website, and overall help improve your content promotion efforts.
To make sure that your money is well spent, identify your finest articles or blog posts and build a paid ad campaign around them, and choose wisely from the most popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Google) to run your advertising campaign in.

Start guest posting on other blogs or websitess

Guest posting is an excellent technique for growing your online audience. For the uninitiated, guest posting means writing and publishing an article (or blog post) on another website or blog on a relevant industry.
When guest posting for someone else’s website, the first step is to look for blogs, websites or publications with readers that might be interested in what you have to offer in terms of content. Whether it’s a small publication or a blog with a large following, guest posting gives you the chance to put your content out in front of other people that you wouldn’t have had the chance of reaching otherwise.
Then, once you’ve found a relevant blog or website, it’s time to contact the site administrator and ask the requirements for writing guest posts and, if necessary, showcase your previous content pieces as some site administrators are meticulous when it comes to content quality. As soon as everyone’s on the same page, proceed to create a well-written and -researched piece that can give you more readers who have the potential to turn into customers.