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How Digital Marketers Can Leverage Direct Mail for Better Results

Direct mail is an old school form of marketing. Everyone knows that. And before everything went digital, direct mail was once among the handful of marketing techniques that could easily and effectively deliver your message directly into the palms of your audience.
However, now that we’re in the middle of the digital age, direct mail appears to be an ineffective way of sending advertising messages to your customers, especially with the availability of modern forms of marketing, such as social media marketing and email marketing.
But just because direct mail is old school doesn’t mean that it’s completely obsolete in today’s digital world.
As a matter of fact, an increasing number of direct-to-consumer brands are jumping in on the direct mail bandwagon because they’re seeing that it still does a great job at closing the gap between customers and brands, and also because the fierce competition in the digital marketing scene makes it really difficult and expensive to succeed.
Direct mail marketing still works. There’s no doubt about that. However, in order for your direct mail campaign to succeed, you need to carry it out wisely. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve just that.

Integrate with your digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns ran through Facebook or Google are undeniably effective. They allow marketers to run targeted advertising campaigns that lead consumers directly to a campaign landing page. But did you know that you can significantly improve your marketing efforts and drive more traffic into your website by integrating your targeted direct mail campaign with your digital marketing campaigns?
Some marketers who ran a direct mail campaign in conjunction with their digital ads found that their cost per acquisition is lower than when they ran lone campaigns on Google or Facebook. But in order to ensure that your targeted printed marketing campaign works like a charm, remember to do the following: find the right list provider, make commitments to more than one mailer, research postage costs before designing, include compelling campaign offers and calls to action (CTAs), and utilise personalized URLs (PURLs).
When it comes to how marketers measure the effectiveness of direct mailing, it’s quite simple. They measure the success of a direct mail campaign using PURLs, which allows them to track the amount of responses and conversions that a single campaign receives.

Personalise the print materials

Personalised marketing is a marketing strategy often employed on digital advertising campaigns in order to increase the chances of customer engagement and conversions. It is popular amongst advertisers because of how effective it can be at boosting sales and keeping the customers happy. When personalising digital marketing campaigns, marketers use data gathered from different sources to create customized, targeted offers and recommendations that are specially designed to appeal to a current or prospective customer’s individual needs and desires.
While the effectiveness of personalised marketing in digital media is well known, its reputation when being applied to direct mailing elements is not that good, mainly because of the fact that personalising different types of print materials used to be an expensive process. But with the rise of programmatic printing services, personalising all sorts of print materials is now an easy and inexpensive task to perform.

Retarget the consumers with print

Retargeting is a form of advertising used to help companies reach most of the consumers who don’t convert the first time around. It is considered to be an incredibly powerful branding and conversion optimisation tool in the digital marketing world. Like personalised marketing, it is mostly prominent in digital media, which is why the act of retargeting is widely done digitally. However, retargeting also has immense potential in direct mail campaigns.
The thing about print is that it’s more likely to stand out in a landscape that is dominated by digital strategies, and the thing about digital ad retargeting is that some consumers are starting to get annoyed by it. When a retargeted customer receives a print mail that informs them about a special offer or discount of a product they almost bought or a service they almost availed, the fact that it comes from a sparingly used form of media means that their attention will be caught, increasing the odds of engagement and conversions. With that being said, retargeting with print can indeed be very beneficial to your overall marketing efforts, and in some cases it can even be better than retargeting digitally.