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Best fonts for signage

What Are the Best Fonts for Branding and Business Signage?

By now you will know that branding and fonts have a significant impact on business particularly when it comes to business signage?

Whether you own a restaurant, an accounting firm, a grocery store, a hardware shop, or a sydney laser cutting business – using the right font on your signage project will help set the mood, tone, and reinforce your brand and image.

What happens when you use the wrong one?  Not only will the overall effectiveness of your signage project and can quickly send the wrong message to prospective customers and make a negative impact on the amount of revenue your company is bringing in.

Below we have put together a list the best fonts for a business sign.


This sans-serif typeface was used as the corporate font of Apple from 2002 to 2017, and is available in many different styles. It has an excellent design with a simplistic feel to it, making it ideal for business signs.


With a design inspired by Roman typography, Trajan is a very bold font that features elegant, long curves. This serif font is the perfect choice if your goal is to make a bold statement.


This sans-serif font is a popular signage font for several reasons. It’s simple, easy to read, and has a clean, attractive look that just works great on signage designs.


One of the best qualities of Frutiger is that it’s easily recognisable, and for signage projects that’s a huge plus. It gets its distinctness from the unique design of every single character, which was purposely done that way to give the font prominence.

Monotype Corsiva

This Italic typeface is a script font, which means it should be bad for signage. However, Monotype Corsiva is unlike any other script fonts because it’s easy to read and has a stylish appeal to it that works great on signs.

Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic is appealing for its simplicity, but at the same time it’s also quite bold and powerful. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your signage, you can never go wrong with this font. 


Often used in logos, corporate typefaces, and large displays, Futura’s minimalist style makes it an incredible font for signage projects. This controversial font is characterised by its geometrical features.


This slab-serif typeface is bold and has a classic feel to it. It is available in five weights, but designers love using its bold weight for aesthetic purposes.


The capitals of Optima have full-bodied characters, staying true to its Roman heritage. It also features flared terminals and high stroke contracts, allowing it to exude a premium feel. This font is best used by brands that require its elegant charm.


Characterised by its usage of thick and thin strokes, Bodoni is a serif typeface that boasts a professional and stylish appearance. Any signage bearing this serif design will convey a message of modern allure.


Modeka is a modern-style font that has a cool and clean look, giving it a minimalist appeal. Its geometric letters are perfect for making bold statements.


Though Garamond is widely used for websites, textbooks, magazines, and long bodies of text, its timeless aesthetic and easy-to-read appeal means that it’s also a great font for signs. It’s best used as a font for smaller print in signage projects.


It’s best to stick with fonts that are legible, easily recognisable, and have a great design.