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Why You Should Get a Marketing Company as Opposed to a Freelancer to Do Web Design

After months of preparation, your small business is finally ready to operate and cater to the needs of your customers.

In terms of setting up your business, you’ve done a great job at sorting out almost everything – from finding the perfect location and setting up shop, to securing the necessary business permits, to purchasing all the essentials your business needs to function.

Things are going well until you realised that your business doesn’t have a website yet.

In today’s online-centric world, small businesses need a website to help establish their credibility, to increase their visibility to people both nearby and far, and to provide brand accessibility 24/7.

With only a week left before opening day, you panicked and hurriedly went to your computer to search for professional website design services.

The search results came out and you narrowed down your options to two choices – a local marketing company and a remote freelance web designer. They both have an impeccable track record and are obviously capable of fulfilling your website design needs.

So… who should you hire between the two? It seems like a tough decision to make, right?

No, it actually isn’t, especially when you’re aware of the differences between a full-service marketing company and a lone freelance web designer.

This article will explain why anyone with web design needs should hire a full-service marketing company instead of a freelancer.

They are not here today, gone tomorrow

A typical marketing company in Australia goes through a number of hoops before they can become a legal business entity. And like every other Australian business, they have to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN), register their business name and domain name, and register for the correct taxes. After everything they went through just to become a legal business entity, do you think they’ll disappear in the middle of a crucial web design project? I don’t think so.

In other words, a marketing company is more stable and reliable to work with than, say, an independent online freelancer who didn’t go through the same meticulous legitimisation process and can just bail on your project when things get rough.

Their employees are accountable for their work

Why you shouldnt hire a freelancer for web design

Every marketing company has a certain set of standards that each employee must adhere to. For instance, employees must be present for their entire shift or, if they have a flexible schedule, are required to submit project deliverables within a specific timeframe. They are also required to finish any tasks that have been assigned to them and are primed to be consistent in every aspect of their job.

So when a staff’s actions cause trouble to your web design project, you know that the company will hold them accountable for it. But since there’s employee accountability in the workplace, the chances of that even happening are very slim. Oh, and with employee accountability, you can rest easy knowing that every piece of sensitive information (such as web admin credentials, emails, passwords) shared with them will be kept safe.

Could you say the same for a freelancer who has less accountability, works from the comfort of their home with zero supervision, and doesn’t have anyone else to answer to other than you? Even with a time tracker software on, there’s no guarantee that each billed hour is spent working on the task.

They are a one-stop shop for online services with a large team of experts behind them

When you work with a freelance web designer, you’ll only with one person. The freelancer might be an extremely talented web designer who could give your website the smoothest navigability and the cleanest design, but what happens if you want to add complex functionalities to your website or optimize it for search engines and he doesn’t know how to do either of those? Right – you’d have to hire another freelancer, which is oftentimes a hassle as finding the most qualified candidate takes quite a while.

But when you work with a marketing company, you’ll have access to their full gauntlet of services and professionals, meaning you can take advantage of their varying types of expertise – from web design to SEO to social media marketing. Basically everything that you’ll need to turn your website into a powerful sales machine can be found in a marketing company.

They know how to build a website in line with the best marketing practices